As I write my last newsletter article, I reflect on all we have accomplished these past two years. I’m proud to have served as your Woman’s Club President and now look for-ward to my new role as a Director-at-Large. My husband can now feel as though he has his wife back 24/7! (I think he’s going to find this isn’t necessarily true -- I also serve as Leadership chair for GFWC District 8 and am on the Meals & Registration Committee for GFWC Florida!)
I know our Woman’s Club will continue all of our good work not only in our Community but around the world! So many of you have come forward to motivate, encourage and join in the Volunteer Spirit! You likely will never know the won-der and excitement you brought to children during the holi-days or recently with our Book Heroes Project. How about the lives you’ve saved through surgery of cleft lips and pal-ates? How you’ve helped to bring clearer vision to those who are wearing the prescription eyewear we’ve collected. The list goes on forever – Soles4Souls, Free the Girls and the thousands of Heart Pillows, seatbelt covers, no-sew blankets, and lap pads.
Did you know “The Collect” was established in 1905 as a way to begin or to end every GFWC meeting? GFWC is a faith-based, nonsecular organization of like-minded women who share a common goal to serve others through volun-teerism to make our world a better place. One of my goals as President was to become more involved and educated in GFWC. Another was to bring what I’ve learned to our club, and I hope you feel I have done so.
Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of serving as President. More importantly for me is the love and joy you’ve brought to my soul. I thank our Board of Directors for all of their ded-ication and hard work. I am grateful for the many members who’ve worked behind the scenes in support of our Committee Chairs. I pass the gavel to Sally Anne Barclay, and I challenge us all to sup-port her as you have me.
To those of you leaving for the summer I wish you safe travels; I look forward to seeing you in September! For those of you staying put I hope to see you at bunco, birthday luncheons and at functions right here in Sun City Center.

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A Message from
your President