Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus or covid-19 is a highly contagious virus and we live in a very vulnerable retired community who are at higher risk of being unable to fight off the virus.  We are also a community who live in clusters of nursing homes, and assisted living  facilities, and we tend to frequent hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities more frequently than other community populations.

Please follow the CDC guidelines.  

  • wash your hands for 20 seconds minimum
  • use alcohol sanitizers and wipes, 
  • stay away from large gatherings, festivals, movies, sports
  • insist that at committee and club meetings that all who attend use a sanitizer or wash their hands 
  • stay home if you have a sore throat, cold or flu symptoms
  • bump elbows instead of hugging or shaking hands
  • do meetings by skype or facebook live
  • try not to fly or other forms of travel
  • wear face masks
  • seek help and testing if you develop a cough 
    Keep yourself and loved ones safe.  Thank you

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