The GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club, Inc. donated two Sweet Bay Magnolia trees to be planted at  My Warriors Place in Ruskin. The trees were placed in their dog run area for the Veterans and their families to walk their dogs, have some shade and enjoy the flowers when the trees bloom.

The Women read a poem and quotes from famous writers about trees and how planting trees are an act of kindness and optimism. A gift for ones friends and neighbors, and for future generations. The trees we plant clean the air, beautify our neighborhoods, provide homes for wildlife, conserve energy and topsoil, and help keep the atmosphere in balance. And life is just better when we live amongst the trees.

A special shout to the FRANKLIN STREET REAL ESTATE AGENCY for helping us dig the holes and plant the trees. Picture to the right is the Sun City Woman’s Club, FRANKLIN STREET REAL ESTATE and Kelly Kowall, Gold Star Mother, President and founder of My Warrior’s Place.


Volunteers at the AMI Kids Christmas Party

Virginia, December Hope Fund Mentor at the Groves