A Message from your President

May 2022 Final Message from Sally Anne Barclay, President 2019-2022
It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve as your president for the past 3
years, and what a ride it has been! I started my term as president in a wheelchair
with broken bones in my leg. After my installation, I was told by the SCC CA that I
couldn’t be the club president because I lived in Kings Point! My predecessor Sha-
ron Alvarez stormed to the CA board to correctly advise them that GFWC is a na-
tional organization, open to anyone and can be led by anyone, no matter where the
person lives.
During my convalescence, I was just blown away by the thoughtfulness of each of
you who brought meals and sent flowers and get-well cards and visited. How can I
express my thanks for that?
Autumn came and my fractures were healed. Then – BOOM! – after only a few meet-
ings together we were shut down due to COVID-19. We were all scared and wonder-
ing how can our club go on?? Thanks to our own Angie Maze, we started meeting
with Zoom. Yes, whoever heard of Zoom before COVID hit? Though we could not be
together in person, at least we could still have meetings and see and talk to one
another via our computer screens.
Through the pandemic we persevered. We had drive-through fundraisers to help
Our Lady of Guadalupe food pantry. We raised cash and gift cards for the women of
Haven of Hope. We held a fundraiser called Kicks for Kids that brought in over 300
new shoes and over 800 new socks. The schools who received these items were so
overjoyed by the caring and thoughtfulness of our club. We didn’t stop there. We
provided our hand-made pillows and blankets to many different places including
Florida Cancer Center, Cypress Memory Care. Lifepath Hospice here and Hospice
Home for children in Temple Terrace, Sun Terrace Rehabilitation, South Bay Hospi-
tal cardiac unit, and Brandon Children’s Facility. We all continued to live the vol-
unteer spirit throughout the obstacles of an unprecedented pandemic.
Now, we can finally meet in person again. It was a bit shaky at first, people were
scared to come out and meet in person. I was. But I can now report due to our won-
derful Membership Chair, we’ve come back to having over 100 members. I want to thank each and every member of my Board. You have touched my life both
professionally and personally. There are not enough “thank yous” that I can say or
write to show my deep appreciation for you all. I also want to say a special thank you
to Susan Royal and Virginia Kimball for keeping Meals on Wheels going throughout
this whole ordeal.
As the Board members change, please welcome and embrace your new leadership as
you did me. With that, blessings to you all.
Until we meet again,
Sally Anne Barclay

April 2022
Welcome to Spring! There are lots of signs of Spring all around us here. Many flowers are blooming, the birds are making nests among the treetops. I’ve seen baby owls, sandhill cranes, baby bunnies, and even a couple of little foxes. It’s spring break here in town. It’s so nice to see the extra visitors, children in the pool and in the golf carts.
Our fundraiser is coming on April 8th. I hope to see many of you there to support us and our local charities. Bingo is always a fun game. Please pass the word around to your friends.
Then before we know, it’s going to be Easter. As a child, I always loved this time of year to go to the local Thom McAn shoe store. My parents always got me a new pair of dress shoes and a new pair of play shoes, along with a new dress, play clothes, and an Easter bonnet and gloves. How many of you also have this memory about Easter? Such good times for sure. After church there was always a great Easter egg hunt. And a feast to feed an entire army. Both my Mum and Grandmother were wonderful cooks. I try to carry along the family recipes and traditions.
Enjoy your Springtime ! Until we meet again,
Sally Anne

March 2022
Can you already believe that were in the month of
March? The time just flies by, too fast for me. Does any-
one else feel like there isn’t enough hours in a day? We
have St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th of the month and
Spring starts on the 20th. Hurray!
Ladies, I want to thank all of you who participated in the
Arts & Crafts projects this month. The President’s Pro-
ject was to spread some love in our community. Oh boy,
did we ever live up to the challenge. We made 86 heart
pillows that we delivered to Cypress Creek Memory
Care Facility. Then the 41 extra pillows were delivered to
our Lifepath Hospice Home. We delivered 48 lovely red,
pink, and white flower arrangements to the Sun Terrace
Rehabilitation Facility. And the last things we donated
were 51 crocheted lap blankets to the Florida Cancer
Center here in Sun City Center. Thank you bunches for
all the help to make this possible. You ladies are rock
As we proceed into the month of March let’s see what
we all can do by embracing “living the volunteer spirit.”
Remember to wear a bit of green at our General Meet-
Until we meet again,
Sally Anne

February 2022

The month of February is an amazing month. It’s Women’s Heart
Awareness month. Did you know that more women die of heart
disease than all the cancers? Then there’s Ground hog Day. Will
the groundhog see his shadow or not? It’s an old superstition,
that if the groundhog comes out of his burrow and sees his shad-
ow, there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Then of course there’s
Valentine’s Day in the middle of the month. That’s the love holi-
day. We are brought up to love our parents, grandparents, sib-
lings, extended family, and friends. The love of outdoors, a walk
in a lovely forest, a walk on the beach, a hike in the desert. How
about the love of food? (Dessert is always my favorite.) The love
of volunteering? That’s what makes our club so great. Living the
volunteer spirit!
How about the love for our country? Let’s celebrate President’s
Day. Lincoln’s birthday is on February 12th and Washington’s is
on the 22nd. What two very different presidents of our country.
How ever you may enjoy this month, remember to look after your
own heart. Be kind to yourself!
Until we meet again,
Sally Anne

January 2022

Happy New Year!! I really hope that y’all had a lovely holiday season. I know that I enjoyed being with my family and friends. Spending time with the ones you love is better than any present that you may open. During this past year we have seen things in the news that are such tragedies, and this pandemic continues to take lives. Throughout all of this mayhem our club has continued to make a difference. It may seem small to you but the person who receives one of our cards for Meals on Wheels, or a heart pillow to hug while going through cancer treatments is so appreciative of our generosity. We’ve held fundraisers to fill a truck with food and essentials, and helped other charitable organiza-tions. All within our community of Sun City Center. That’s just a few things that we do, living the volunteer spirit.
I wish y’all a very happy 2022 filled with love, kindness, and good health.
Sally Anne

December – 2021

Hello Ladies,

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry almost Christmas. What a year it has been…. the pandemic, the vaccines, and the booster. It’s amazing how last year at this same time we were meeting on Zoom. Yes, many of us became regular ‘Zoomers.’ It is so wonderful that we’re able to be together again to enjoy our friendships, our meetings, our programs.

Speaking of our programs, our upcoming one is being done by the East Bay High Schoolers: A Christmas Cabaret. How exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing something a bit different. I always love watching children perform.

As a friendly reminder, we’re really in need of help with Art’s & Crafts; we make table decorations for our general meetings and special cards for Meals on Wheels.

 I also really need a Fundraiser Chairperson. If this is something that you are interested in, please contact me.

I would like to say thank you to all of you that sent me get-well wishes and prayers. It obviously worked. I’m back to myself now.

Here is my Christmas Wish this year: I hope that each one of you enjoys your Holiday Season with family and friends. And I hope that each of you stays safe and healthy.

Until we meet again,

Sally Anne